Friday, August 12, 2011

Come check out my new blog

So a few months back, I switched over to a new blog which can be found at My main reason for moving over was to find a blog host that allowed bigger images since my blog posts are just that...galleries of images. Most of the content from this blog was moved over to the new blog. So bookmark the new one and come on over and check out what I've been up to.

See you there,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Public Garden Photo Shoot

I met Joanne (and most of her family) last summer when I shot her birthday party. We met up again today for a photo shoot in the Public Garden which is finally green again and in full bloom. Little T was a little clingy to Mom when we first started the shoot and we started getting creative to get some shots of just her. And then with the help of a friendly swan, T quickly realized the park wasn't a bad place to spend the day running around and we were able to get some great stuff.

Here's a sneak peek.....

Sisters S & E welcome baby M

I was greeted at the door by little S & E all excited to tell me they got something new.....a new bed. I laughed since I thought they might have mentioned their new 3 week old sister who incidentally is even NEWER than the bed. But I guess even an adorable new baby sister can't compete with princess bunk beds. After a tour of the princess castle, they posed for some pics. They even let Baby M be in a few.

When I asked E when she was going to turn 3, she turned and answered "on my birthday". Obviously, duh...what was I thinking?

S has a big dance recital next weekend so I asked her to do the last pose of their dance number for me. She started bowing. So we moved on to doing the pose that comes RIGHT before the bow.

While we were taking some pictures of baby M, the girls had a wardrobe change and we were greeted by Rapunzel and Minnie Mouse.

And sometimes I love the outtakes the most. Could these two be any cuter with each other?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A perfect day for a winter wedding

Patricia and Clint were married yesterday at the Norwich Inn in CT and we could not have handpicked a better winter day for it. Snow fell on Friday overnight so we woke up to a winter wonderland of 6-8 inches of fresh snow and a clear sky. Another storm was coming but it kindly waited until the wedding was over to bring on the wind and more snow.

Clint's family travelled from Wyoming to join Patricia's family in Connecticut and on this perfect winter day, friends and family gathered to see them tie the knot. Congratulations on your marriage. Here's a sneak peek......

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Portraits

Beautiful Baby A posed for some pictures and then she even let her parents and grandparents join her for a few. There was amazing natural light pouring in their big windows and parents who went out all out to bring out Baby A's adorable smile. Here's a quick preview.